Cotswold Owl Rescue Trust

Caring For Wild Owls In The Cotswolds

Registered Charity: 1061750

About Us

We first registered as a charity in 1997 after working at home rescuing and rehabilitating injured owls in the Cotswolds and Gloucestershire. We spent most of the early days fundraising for charitable organisations to help with the provision of suitable aviaries for the care of both owls and other birds of prey.

After working with the Cotswold Falconry Centre for many years, we helped rebuild the 'Owl Wood' to further the conservation of, and the education about native and non native species.

We continued to rehabilitate owls at home as we had no centre of our own to run from. To that end we built 12 metres of recovery aviaries specifically for owls, ensuring quiet and calm for their recovery. The aviaries were divided into three 4metre lengths and were able to be opened into one long run or two sections of 4 and 8metres. a purpose built recovery room enabled the birds to examined and treated.

All our protocols followed that of the eminent avian vet Neil Forbes who was based at Clockhouse, Stroud. His courses on raptor assesment and treatment were excellent.

All owls that were sucessfully rehabilitated were released back into the wild in the area from which they were found.

Owls which did not pass the criterea for a sucessfull rehabilitation were euthanaised humanley at the local vet.

We are a non profit making organisation and are always ready to help those in need of advice and direction towards the welfare of native british owls.

Found An Injured Owl?

Don't Panic! Click HERE to go to the help page.

  • If the bird looks injured then there may be a chance of help for it.
  • If the bird looks lethargic, not standing on it's own or shows little signs of energy. The prognosis is probably a bad one.