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Not As Pets

Surely you must agree, that too often, the barn owl is portrayed as a cute pet rather than a wild, predatory creature. The public are not discouraged from this view when they are able, without license or legislation, to purchase an owl for as little as £15 from trade-it papers or even on some occasions, pet shops. With benefit of little or no correct information about husbandry or welfare. The result is usually a psychologically and sometimes physically damaged owl which cannot be rehabilitated or released.

Reasons NOT to keep an owl as a pet

  • Feathers are not hair, they are not designed for stroking and it reduces waterproofing.
  • Their sharp talons can inflict deep puncture wounds and scratches.
  • Barn Owls are most active when hungry so most of the time they are inactive.
  • With imprinted Barn Owls the bond between “parent” and owl is never really broken so the owl may never grow out of certain juvenile behaviour such as calling or 'screaming' for food. This can become extremely irritating.
  • Imprinted Barn Owls generally treat humans as potential mates or as competitors. As a result they can be very aggressive.
  • During the breeding season, which may extend through most of the year for Barn Owls in captivity, imprinted males can be particularly troublesome and noisy, especially at night.
  • Who gets to pick up the pieces when the bird is no longer wanted because it has become a food screamer or aggressive or simply unwanted?

It is a drain on the resources of organizations like the BARN OWL CENTRE in Gloucester and other organisations that will take in unwanted captive bred owls. Any birds that are illegally released are highly unlikely to survive, but in the event that they do, they are then competition for the indigenous wild population. Their introduction to the wild will interfere with the ecological stability of the area. Releasing captive bred owls must be stopped in order for the conservation and preservation of the wild species to continue.

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